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EDIUS training courses including Grass Cutters

Our EDIUS courses cover every aspect of the program and include capturing, different editing techniques, titles, using effects and EDIUS DVD writing. EDIUS has several ways of working and we can work out which best suites you and show you how to make the most out of the great editing speed of which EDIUS is capable.

EDIUS Over view - 1 day - 300, group course 400

This course is designed to take you through the basics of editing with EDIUS. We will deal with the following

An overview of the interface, capture, editing - include various ways of trimming, common keyboard short cuts, the importance of understanding insert and overwrite modes, basic titles and effects, export to DVD/Blu-ray.

EDIUS In-depth - 2 DAY - 600, group course 800

The two day course will cover the same ground as the one day course but will also include more hands on exercises as well as go more in depth into effects, export formats and other areas.

With either course we will customise the sessions to cover topics of particular interest, and not cover topics of no use. Before you sit down to take the course you should prepare a list of questions advance you need to be covered and we will make sure these are covered during the day.

EDIUS Grass Cutters Training Course - 900 - 3 days

This is the official Grass Valley editor's course and on completion you will get a Grass Valley accreditation. This course has to follow the guidelines laid down by Grass Valley.  David Clarke is a silver certified Grass Valley trainer and one of the few people in the UK allowed to offer this course.

Course outline (for a typical 2 day course):

Day 1

  • Introduction to the EDIUS interface (brief). This would include and explanation of where files are saved on the computer, where back ups are stored etc.
  • Capture and import - the formats covered would depend on those being used by the trainee. We would also cover how to deal with different aspect ratios, field order problems and the best ways to get footage off DVD..
  • Editing & trimming - The editing session would cover EDIUS track patching, insert and overwrite modes and trimming windows. There would do a lot of hands-on during this session. If the trainee is familiar with a different editing program we would also point out the ways in which EDIUS is different. We would also cover the most useful keyboard short cuts, L cuts and J cuts etc..
  • Export - export to tape, DVD and files, obviously focusing on the formats needed by the trainee.

This would complete the first days training and the trainee now should be able to do an edit from start to finish.

Day 2

  • Recap on day one and follow up any points raised. If the trainee thinks it would be beneficial then a quick hands-on capture and edit session of about 30 minutes may be included to refresh what was learned.
  • Video Effects - Colour & image correction, slow motion including EDIUS time-remapping, the mask filter and its uses, the ProDAD image stabiliser and an introduction to Vitascene.. EDIUS alpha channel track would also be covered and we would explain how to make a picture in picture effect or selectively crop an image.
  • Audio Mixing and Effects - mixing audio levels, the uses of EDIUS mixer, EDIUSs tools for cleaning up audio, how to get a 5.1 surround track on a disc using EDIUS.
  • Titles - making simple titles with Quick Titler and quick ways of inserting these.
  • Any other business - We would encourage the trainees to ask questions during the day but if there are any large topics that need to be covered we would do so now. If for example you need to consolidate projects, move from one machine to another, or export projects to After Effects, for example, these could be covered here.

We could compress this into a single day if needed but there would be less time for hands-on experience which is the best way to learn, and also some of the sections would be severely truncated or dropped.

The two days could run consecutively or spaced apart. For many people having two days a week apart gives them some time to absorb the training from day 1 ready for day 2.

With any course we would discuss your needs before the training day and tailor a course for your requirements.

Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk for more information .

Grass CuttersGrass Valley Grass Cutters course - 3 days - 900

Become an EDIUS qualified editor. The Grass Valley Grass Cutters course is a 3 day course, designed by Grass Valley, to teach users everything needed to be able to edit using EDIUS. At the end of the course the trainee will receive a Grass Valley certificate and a entry on the Grass Cutters website. The latter will be accessed by companies looking to employ qualified EDIUS editors. You will also receive the Grass Cutters course book with the entire course laid out with various exercises which you can repeat after training.

The Grass Cutters course structure is fairly well defined and concentrates on editing with lots of hands-on tasks to confirm you fully understand what has been taught.

For more details visit the DVC website or contact David on david@dvctraining.co.uk/

Grass Cutters

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