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Editing 4K video in EDIUS.

In this video we look at editing 4K footage in EDIUS 7.  While we were making this video EDIUS 8 was released, but rather than remake everything we had filmed we decided to finish the video we were preparing.  Editing 4K video in EDIUS 8 is the same as editing video in EDIUS 7;  most formats perform in the same way and it can work with the same range of i.o devices.  EDIUS 8 does have a new feature which should improve play back on a system which has Intel Quick Sync so we have added a chapter on Quick Sync playback which was taken from our introduction to EDIUS 8 video.

The video below has all 5 chapters of our tutorial in a playlist.

The following chapter is taken from our "Introduction to EDIUS 8" tutorial and talks about Quick Sync playback of H.264 formats for 4K editing.

An introduction to EDIUS 8 - part 2 - Quick Sync playback

EDIUS has been able to export video to H.264 using Intel Quick Sync since version 6. With EDIUS 8 Grass Valley are also using Quick Sync to help play back H.264 files.

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